I survived!!

Semester 2 classes are all done and I survived (mostly)!! Here’s what you missed while I was away: I went to a Great Gatsby-themed event with some friends to hear my friend in the band. I wrote an awesome paper for Forensic Science and the Law detailing the history of aspartic acid racemization and its… Continue reading I survived!!

Letters From Home

K and I received a care package from my family just in time for Valentine’s Day. K didn’t make it past the first item… The package also contained: Enough fleece leggings to clothe a small army (or one very cold individual for a week), CHEESE ITS (!!!!!!!), A book lovingly created by my sister, filled… Continue reading Letters From Home

That’s a Wrap!!

As of this morning, I have finished all my exams! I am looking forward to spending the rest of the week either sleeping or playing video games. Followed by some periods of intense napping and all around slothfulness. I am feeling fairly confident about my exams (although I may have had a meltdown after day… Continue reading That’s a Wrap!!