I’m Free!!

That’s right! I turned my dissertation in on Friday afternoon and it’s smooth sailing from now ’til graduation. Although I know all of you want to hear about my project in excruciating detail, I shall only say that there is little relevant research on blunt force cranial trauma and even less on falls from height.… Continue reading I’m Free!!

The Surprise!!

Today was our surprise trip to….Fort Williams and Mallaig. You’re not impressed? What if I told you we went from Fort Williams to Mallaig by train. A special train. One of the original steam engines. And quite famous. Getting to this particular train was rather dicey as we made it with 4 minutes to spare. But,… Continue reading The Surprise!!


The Isle of Skye was amazing! I am in love with the Highlands. I am never leaving. Coo seems to agree with me. Yesterday we went on a boat tour to the Ascrib Islands off the northern coast of Skye to see some PUFFINS!! They’re about the size of a pigeon and I love them.… Continue reading Skye

The Adventure Begins

I took custody of Coo on 18 May. In that time, he has helped me with dissertation research, eaten Japanese shabu shabu (a type of hotpot), gotten his hair cut, joined the Percy Jackson fandom, and celebrated his other mother’s birthday. On 26 May, S & P, K’s parental units, arrived on our doorstep to… Continue reading The Adventure Begins